Special Camp was organised at Aasha Vidylyay (Ingrham School, Ghaziabad) on 10th August 2018 with the motto for creating awareness and wellness of special children ( Mental Retardation, Autism, Hearing Impaired, Down's syndrome) with special needs. Event also marks the 50th Anniversary of Special Olympics which enables and motivate them for taking part in sports activities of their interest. 

Following activities were carried out - 

  1. Oral Screening & Treatment 
  2. Health education session for hearing impaired students via "Sign Language" for oral health maintenance.
  3. Distribution of School bags, tooth paste & Tooth brush for each student to sensitise them for oral health maintenance. 
  4.  Interactive session with parents for Do's & Don't with prime focus on oral & General health. 

On this occasion, our Hon'ble Vice Chairman " Mr. Arpit Chadha" quoted and specified that it is our responsibility to play a proactive role for enabling these special god gifted kids for providing utmost love, care and affection, Also to take care of their general health & oral health through organised community efforts. 

We sincerely appreciate this initiative taken by Hon'ble Vice Chairman " Mr. Arpit Chadha" for betterment of the society. 


Friday, August 10, 2018