Department of general medicine

  • The Department of General Medicine is committed to setting the highest standards for patient care, ground-breaking professional education, teaching, and training.
  • General Medicine is one of the very important branches of clinical practice and is taught at BDS IIIrd year level.
  • It covers the aspects such as: Common infections, systemic based diseases i.e. neurology, cardiology, respiratory, nephrology that are relevant to all medical specialties.
  • Department conducts regular lectures, practical’s, tutorials for undergraduate students as per DCI and CCS university norms
  • The students are posted in the hospital to see and study about various emergency and elective procedures.
  • BDS students are made aware of various common diseases their signs and symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.
  • The significance of various lab tests required before minor dental procedures is also taught in the Clinical Observership Postings, the students observe daily general OPD to inculcate the skills of diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • In the hospital students learn to give I.V and I.M injections and give dressings to the patients.