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Absorption in I.T.S Group Dental Institutions

I.T.S. group pledges to support our brilliant students by absorbing them under our own umbrella. We take the opportunity to utilize and make advantage of the overzealous young talent we have within our ranks.
S.No. Name Designation Department
1 Dr. Abhishek Nagpal Assoc. Professor Prosthodontics
2 Dr. Divya Shetty Professor Orthodontics
3 Dr. Mallika Sethi Reader Periodontics
4 Dr. Praful Mehra Reader Prosthodontics
5 Dr. Achint Junej Reader Prosthodontics
6 Dr. Vishal Singh Reader Orthodontics
7 Dr. Amrita Puri Professor Orthodontics
8 Dr. Anju Agarwal Reader Prosthodontics
9 Dr. Shubhra Malik Reader Conservative
10 Dr. Shobhit Sachdeva Reader Pedodontics
11 Dr. Amit Gupta Reader Oral Surgery
12 Dr. Akanksha Banga Asstt. Research Coordinator Reseacrh Centre
13 Dr. Akshay Rathore Lecturer MDS Oral medicine
14 Dr. Samta Lecturer MDS Oral medicine
15 Dr. Siddharth Srivastava Lecturer MDS Oral medicine
16 Dr. Anshi Jain Lecturer MDS Oral Pathology
17 Dr. Nikita Gulati Lecturer MDS Oral Pathology
18 Dr. Anubhav Sharma Lecturer MDS Public Health
19 Dr. Chetna Dudeja Lecturer MDS Conservative
20 Dr. Gaurav Issar Lecturer MDS Prosthodontics
21 Dr. Pulkit Jhingan Lecturer MDS Pedodontics
22 Dr. Rabinder Kaur Lecturer MDS Orthodontics
23 Dr. Vidhi Rathi Lecturer MDS Oral Surgery
24 Dr. Prachi Lecturer MDS Pedodontic
25 Dr. Kanika Singh Lecturer MDS Oral Surgery
26 Dr. Abhinav Lecturer MDS Public Health
27 Dr. Richa Lecturer MDS Public Health
28 Dr. Aatish Malik AMS
29 Dr. Priyanka Tanwar Tutor BDS
30 Dr. Akhil Manocha Tutor BDS
31 Dr. Pratigya Singh Tutor BDS
32 Dr. Preeti Sharma Tutor BDS
33 Dr. Ruchi Rathi Tutor BDS
34 Dr. Saima Anwar Tutor BDS
35 Dr. Sidra Ashraf Tutor BDS
36 Dr. Suchita Chaudhary Tutor BDS
37 Dr. Sony Bansal Tutor BDS
38 Dr. Radhika Lamba Tutor BDS

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