Flipped learning To make the learning experience more interactive, flipped learning approach has been incorporated in our teaching methodology. The powerpoint presentations of lectures are provided to the students 15 days prior so that they can read and assimilate the basic concepts. This shortens the core lecture duration which allows the presenters to extrapolate the topic. Micro-teaching Micro-teaching during practical and clinical posting is the highlight of our teaching program. Each mentor has 3-4 students under him which helps to foster a students-teacher bond. This also endeavours to make teaching and learning process an interactive and joyful process. Hospital Training With the field of dentistry getting bigger each day, the need for future dentists to be equipped with knowledge of handling emergencies has grown. In light of this fact, our students are encouraged to undergo training in basic medical procedures like injection techniques and handling trauma cases. Students are also trained and updated in Basic life Support every year. Smart Classrooms All the lecture halls are well equipped with Audio-visual aids and are ICT enabled. Specific classrooms are sanctioned with technologically advanced- Smartboards. These boards yet again act as a vital tool in making the classroom teaching delivery more effective. Digital histopathology A very advanced subject like histopathology has been made easy to understand by our unique digital approach wherein the images from the microscope are projected on to the big screen and explained to the students. An analysis of different views increases the analytic skills of students to diagnose cases based on histopathology Implant Program for under-graduates We at ITS ensure that the students are kept abreast with the modern demands of dentistry. In collaboration with the UCAM University Murcia Spain and Bioner Implants Spain our students undertake certificate course in Oral Implantology. The course is also certified by International Congress of Oral Implantologists. This makes them confident to face the ever growing corporate health sector and to be the masters of their trade. Digital Library/ OPAC Enabled Library The library has recently introduced user friendly OPAC system accessible to all users through a touch screen computer installed at the library entrance which allows for easy access to all relevant databases. Users can search their respective documents through Author, Title, Accession number, Subjects and Publishers etc. Access is also ensured through display of new acquisitions in the library‘s recent releases, display shelf, with exhibition of notices on the library announcement board. Other information services such as Current Awareness Services (CAS) and Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) are provided by library to it’s users. IARCR (Integrated Academic Reinforcement and Curriculum Revision) The context of IARCR is practiced in both letter and spirit. Curriculum enrichment is ensured with a minimal 5% addition of new study material each year. Personality development, essential communication and interpersonal skill are also taught to our students. Active participation of students and faculty creates a highly competitive environment resulting in rich transaction of knowledge, treatment practices and alternative viewpoints. Why I.T.S. Innovative teaching methods Centre for Advanced Research Achievements and Accreditations World class infrastructure International collaborations Students Reward Program Statistics Awards NAAC Certification with Grade A View All