Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology

  • Department is situated in the clinical OPD Block, it has fully functional clinical block and radiology section.
  • Clinical block has separate undergraduate and postgraduate sections, where in the students examine the patients with the expertise of the faculty members. In clinical block all the operatory chairs have intraoral cameras and LED display which maintains transparency of diagnosis and treatment for the patient.
  • Radiology section is equipped with latest equipments, provides radio diagnosis for all the patients and thus helps out clinicians with effective treatment planning of their patients.
  • Patient Counseling Room forms the vital part of the department which is recognized not only for basic counseling of the patients but also for clarifying the myths regarding dental practice.
  • Patient’s counseling on tobacco and smoking cessation is also provided. Patients are well guided for their treatment and its outcome.

Scientific programmes

  • Indian Dental Student Conference held on 15th & 16th March, 2016
  • 26th PFA Convocation & Award Ceremony held at I.T.S CDSR on 15th December,2012
  • Xth National Conference IAFO held on 7th to 9th Spetember, 2012

Undergraduate programme

  • Apart from casing the essential curriculum defined by DCI, department encourage students to make integrated seminars and projects, attend and participate in various student conferences, workshops for their constant up gradation of knowledge.
  • Regular discussions and demonstrations are taken in the clinic and radiology sections. Lectures are uploaded by the concerned faculty fifteen days prior to the lecture scheduled for the students so that students are familiarized about the topic.
  • Student evaluation at the department level is done every month and their doubts pertaining to the clinical posting are taken care of.

Postgraduate programme

  • Department admits five post graduates every year, Post graduate programme is well structured with clearly defined goals, which grooms them for management of various oro-facial pathologies and various radiographic techniques specified.
  • Apart from this they are trained in taking CBCT scans and their interpretations. The clinical workup of the special case is a unwavering area of focus and it is ensured that all the postgraduate students will receive exposure to wide-range of cases of interest.
  • Evidence based learning methodologies are taken up for post graduate training wherein they regularly present seminars, journal clubs and cases under the able guidance of faculty which prepares them with clear mindset of necessity of evidence.
  • Students are encouraged to practice recent trends in the management of diseases viz cautery, LASER and TENS therapy and also with basic life support and emergency management.