Department of Oral surgery

  • The Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery has 3 sections: Under graduate, Post graduate and Three Minor Operation Theatres.
  • At least 10-15 different varieties of major cases are performed monthly by surgical teams
  • Maxillofacial trauma, TMJ surgeries, Orthognathic surgeries, Pathologies and cosmetic procedures e.g. rhinoplasties and cleft revision surgeries are the staple diet for this dynamic department. Major resections and reconstructive procedures (including microvaascular reconstruction) for Oral Cancer cases are also undertaken routinely.
  • The department is highly equipped with all recent instruments like LASER, Cryo Surgery Unit, Surgical Saw, Piezo Surgical Unit, Implant Unit, Basal Implant Kit, Electro Cautery, Bipolar Unit, Trauma Plating Kit and Recent Radiographic Modalities in the College like CBCT, OPG.


  • The under graduate program deals with extraction of teeth and the complications arising and the subsequent management, along with the management of medical emergencies on the dental chair.
  • This program involves lectures, seminars, clinical experiences and clinical teaching in the last two years of the four-year dental curriculum.
  • Students are exposed to a wide variety of orofacial pathologies and all students get an extensive knowledge of asepsis in clinical practice along with clinical experience in extractions and observation and assistance in minor & major surgical procedures.
  • Those interested in research will be able to collaborate in some of the ongoing research projects in the Department.
  • The Undergraduate section has 32 dental chairs, on which the students are trained the basic procedures of oral surgery.


  • The post graduate section has 18 cabins with dental chairs for each post graduate student.
  • There are 5 chairs in the Minor Operation Theatres.
  • In Post graduate section at least 7-8 disimpactions are done per day.
  • About 70 cases of minor oral surgery are done by post graduates per week which include all Complicated Dento-Alveolar Surgeries, Biopsies, Small Cysts and Tumour Excisons, Minor Scar Revisions and Some Simple Fracture Treatments.
  • With support of team Oral Surgery, a variety of different cases are operated every week both Under General Anesthesia & Local Anesthesia At Surya Hospital.
  • This 100 bedded hospital within the college campus of ITS CDSR has a vibrant OPD and Emergency where we are first on-call for maxillofacial injuries.
  • All major cases are operated here in the highly equipped operation theaters and first-rate care is provided to post-operative patients in the attached ICU facility.
  • Along with this various research projects to train the students in research methodology are allotted to the students.